Ambaji Temple

Feb 27, 15 Ambaji Temple

Ambaji Temple:  This is the one of the shakti piths of “Mata Ambe” situated in the Banaskantha district of Gujarat state. We can find million of devotees every year at this place.

ambaji temple

A golden yantra with 51 shlokas are there in Ambaji temple. As there is no image of Ambaji Mata in temple, people worship for this golden triangular yantra which is syllable as “Shree” at the centre of yantra. It is known for it’s historical and mythological connections with sites of cultural heritage.

This is situated at a distance of 180kms from “Ahmedabad” near the Gujarat and Rajasthan border. Ambaji is rich in mines and granite.  Gabbar hills which just 3 kms away from Ambaji temple where we can see Mata Ambaji foot prints. And some belive that heart of Goddess  parvathi fell on Gabbar hill. As I have mentioned earlier that Mata Ambaji  doesn’t have the statue to worship but only “yantra”, we are allowed to see the yantra through our naked eyes. Even the photography of the yantra is prohibited.

A number of d votees come to this temple specially during purnima days.

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During the time of Bhadrapada Pada Poornima (full moon day) a big mela is held. The whole was lightened up and it seems to be like as the whole nation is performing “Diwali”.
The origin of Shakti peeta states from the Mythology of “Dhakshayagna and sati’s self immolation” Shakti peeta’s are belived to form when the body parts of corpse of sati fell into different regions, when

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