Dwarkadhish Temple

Feb 20, 15 Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarakadhish temple:

Dwarakadhish temple is in Dwarka district of Gujarat state, India. It is one among the Chardham places.

The great Lord Sri Krishna ruled this beautiful Dwarka.  This temple is also known as king of Dwarka.

According to a popular saying Lord Krsishna’s  great grand son Vajranabhji around 400bc built the original  Dwarakadhish temple for  Krishna, but present temple was constructed in 16CE. This wonder creation is built in “Chalukyan style of architecture”.

Architecture of Dwarakadhish Temple:

When you look at the uppermost part of the temple,  the  sculptor  gave a fantastic natural carving on stone.  Here this top part has some open windows which seems to be like a open windows of heaven. An 84 foot long multicolored flag, beautified with the symbol of sun and moon, waves from the dome of the temple

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The front view of this temple is welcoming all the people into it’s beautiful world. Here it has two windows at the top, and the main entrance where the sculptor’s gave a elegant touch to this temple.  The temple built with a support of 72 pillars and temple has 51.8 meters height. “Dwarkadheesh temple is also known as Jagat Mandir”. This temple has two “shikaras” where the” Nij  shikara” is long one which is in middle. A particular pillar helps us to know the temple history.

This temple stands high on confluence of Gomati river and Arabian sea.  It’s interesting to know that the spire of temple dominates the skyline of Dwarka which is elevated to the height of 78.3 meters. This adorned temple provided with two doorways. The main doorway (north entrance)is known as “moksha Dwara”(door to salvation), where as the southern doorway is called as “Swarga Dwara”(gate to heaven) and the outer side side of this doorway has 56 steps that take to Gomati River.

Rituals Performed in temple are:

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Aboti Brahmins( a particular caste of Brahmins, who has been performing pooja for centuries) will worship or do pooja in the temple. “Arti” and “Abhishek”(bath ceremony) is performed at regular intervals . The lord is graced in new clothes, jewels and flowers.












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