Girnar Temple

Feb 24, 15 Girnar Temple

Girinar Temple:

The accumulation of mountains in the “Junagadh” district of “Gujarat”, India and it is situated near Junagadh which is 327 kms from Ahmedabad.

girinar The Ginar mountain is considered to be sacred which is very older than Himalayas, and it is considered to be the important pilgrimage both for Jains and Hindus. Girnar celebrates Parikrama as their biggest festival. Girnar is also like mystic space-time of the mountain range where this beautiful Girnar is crowded with Sadhu Babas, Nath sect, and different Jain Tirthankaras, it do have good flora and fauna.

Girnar is a very historical place across its range and the famous Maha  Shivaratri is hosted here in a big range.


This serves as the religious hub for many devotees. Here the mountain is with plenty of trees and it seems to be like mountain is covered in green.

“Lord Dattatreya” stayed here so it became a sacred place for Hindus. “Pavahari Baba” was the first who initiated the mysteries of practical yoga on the top of Mount Girna. And this is a sacred place for Buddhist also.


one more important temple here is Dattatreya Paduka, to reach this place we need to climb 10,000 stairs. According to some inscriptions it was said that Lord Dattatreya  performed Tapa for around 12000 years on this peak. As I mentioned above Maha Shivaratri is the annual event for Hindus here which was held on 14th day of Hindu calendar month of Magha.

More than 1 million pilgrims visit the fair to participate in Pooja and Parikrama of Girnar hill. This acts as the  backbone of economy for Girnar.


A pic during foggy day in  Girnar hill. All the temples on Girnar hill are sacred for both Hindus and Jains. Many Vedas and other scriptures traced that Girnar is much older than Dholavira and Mohenjadaro period. It may be Jain Gurus or Dhattatreya Gurus all have based this place for doing Sadhana.












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