GRL Gompa Monastery- Bomdila

Feb 19, 15 GRL Gompa Monastery- Bomdila

GRL Gompa Monastrey- Bomdila:

“Genste Gaden Rabgyel ling” Monastery which is popularly known as GRL Gompa located in west Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. This Monastery seems to be like “Tsona Gontse Monastery” in South Tibet and this Gompa Monastery was constructed in 1965-66, by 12th “Tsona Gonste Rinpoche”. It is also recognised as one of the famous Lamaistic faith of Mahayana Buddhism.

Gompa is divided into 3 regions they are lower Gompa, middle Gompa and upper Gompa . The upper Gompa consider to be main Monastery, and it also proven that it is major tourist attraction over the years for it’s peaceful ¬†Buddhist preachings.

There is a fantastic prayer hall in GRL Monastery Bomdila, where the Lamas and Monks offer prayer. The Lamas lives at a residential quarters which is located near main Gompa. The senior Lama’s educate the younger Lama’s regarding Tantrayana practices and monastic way of life.

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