Malinithan Temple

Feb 18, 15 Malinithan Temple

Malinithan Temple:

The Malinithan temple is called as Akashganga Temple which is located 12-km from Malinithan, West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh is one of the best temple in India.

The Malinithan temple shrines with Goddess Durga. Malinithan temple in Arunachal Pradesh is a famous pilgrimage spot for devotes in India.
Malinithan Temple

Akashaganga Temple in Arunacahal Pradesh  is belived that it is associated with the legend of goddess Pravati which was given in Kalika purana of 8th century. According to another local legend associated with this place, Lord Krishna married to Rukmini, and both of them are welcomed here by Parvathi with a garland. So because of this Parvathi thus got name as Malini and the place Malinithan.

This temple belongs to 14th-15th century according to its excavations. Some of the sculptures include Indra, Airavata, Surya and Nandi Bull. About 5kms away from Malinithan there is a beautiful waterfall named Akash-Ganga where people go to take a bath to wash their sins. This temple holds more devotees because many people come from different corners in a very large number. This Malinithan came to be famous from the early excavation of 20th century.This temple is constructed in a classic style of Odisha. Many pilgrims visit this temple and offer their gifts to the Goddess for fulfilling their wish.Malinithan Temple

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