Palitana Temple

Feb 25, 15 Palitana Temple

Palitana Temple:

Palitana clumps of Jain temple.

This place is located in Gujarat, 51 km south west of Bhavnagar. “Acharya  Nagarjuna “ founded Palitana  which derives its name from the Guru Padalipta(or)Politta.  On this hill a Teerth named  Siddha Kshetra Shri Shatrunjaya,


which is adorned by 3500 temples. The stunning temples attract piligrims from different places. And the main attraction here is the holy Jain Shrine (ie) Shatrunjaya Hill. Total 873 temples were there which was constructed somewhere around 11ce and the total time taken was 900 years. These temples are destroyed by Muslim kings in 14th and 15th centuries and again the reconstruction of these temples took place in 1500. They are antique in their architecture and sculpture which are made of marble. Some of the temples it have are: Bhagawan Adishvar Jain Teerth,

The Digamber Jain Temple, Shatrunjay hill, Chhah Gau Yatra.  In sunlight this fantastic temple seems to be like ivory miniatures. Some of the notable temples are Adinath, Kumarpal, Sampriti Raj, Bimal Shah.



Adishwar temple is the first Jain Tirthankar which is the holiest temple among the cluster, according to Jain pilgrims. The amazing marble image of deity is studded with jewels. Coming to the largest temple it is Adinath the first Tirthankar built in 1618 which is 4 faced. Pilgrims makes offerings and prayers to this main idol. Since its inception these temple was rebuilt many times. This present temple was reconstructed in 1618 ce.

Shatrunjaya hills Jain temple:

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Shatrunjay hill is a eye feast for pilgrims.Here the atmoshpere is filled with diveneness.According to some sayings except Neminath, all other Tirthankars have attained nirvan on Shatrunjay hill.This fact also adds cultism for the place. This extraordinary place is therefore called Siddhakshetra where one attains Moksh.

At the top the main temple contains a idol which is in Padmasan, he belongs to Ikshvaku Dynasty of Ayodhya and Rama was his ancestor. These temples shrine constructed by Babu Dhanpatsinh of Mushirabad at down of the hill. To reach temple which is on 1800 feet high  the pilgrims have to ascend 3745 steps. So it takes some where around one-and-half to two-and-ahalf hours to reach the summit.

Beside this Jain temples we do have some Hindu temples they are Saraswathi ma temple, Hanuman temple and Shiva temple.



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