Sun Temple

Sun Temple:



In India the Hindu’s worship “Sun” as one of their main Gods. And we do have many temples in India, in the name of “Sun”. Dating from 5th century B.C. to late mediaeval period, from many discoveries, stone sculptures we come to know that this ancient Sun Temple is located in Modhera, Gujarat. Among all the sun temples built in Gujarat, Modhera is the most important one.

The other two well known Sun temples are Kashmir (Martand) and Orissa (Konark). The elegant site or monument reflects the magnificent architecture.

History of this beautiful monument:

The word Modhera or Modherapura was originated from the settlements of Modha Brahmans. Further it is belived that Modha Brahmans received this city as a gift on the occasion of marriage of Rama and Sita. According to Skanda Purana Lord Rama settled in a village named Modhera and performed Yagna’s there to purify his sin (I,e) killing of Ravana.

This amazing monument Sun temple was constructed during the period of “Chalukya Bhima-1 (1022-1063 A.D.)” which is to the west of the Pushpavati river. As happen to many temples in India this temple also faced the fundamentalist depredations. The muslim kings destroyed this temple by inserting gunpowder in some bags and blew it with upper part due this the “Shikara or tower”. Because of this the beauty of the temple was evaporated to some extent. This monument ha been constructed in accordance with “Shilpasastra”


This is the Sabha mandapa of Sun temple.





This extraordinary structure was on Kharasila (Basement) and also it has Garbhagriha (shrines) and GuhaMandapa ( a hall), a Sabha Mandapa or Ranga Mandapa( assembly hall) and it is known as “SitaChavadi”. There is a” Kund(sacred pond)” now called the “Ramakunda” in front of the temple. Some small shrines have been destroyed.sun3

The total area of the temple is 1275 sq. ft is divided into two halfs .The inner part is Grabhagriha and the front part is Mandapa(hall). Pradakshina-Marga (it’s a passage). This Mandapa was beautifully carved. The Sabha Mandapa (the assembly hall) it is carved by the scenes of the epic Mahabharata. These are somewhat similar to “Konark” temple. This temple designed, as the first sun rays fell on image of Lord Surya, the Sun God, at the time of equinoxes.


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