Temples in Maharashtra

The state of Maharashtra has to its credit historical pilgrimage centers as well as landmarks in the growth of Indian temple structure. The two most admired rocks cut temples of the historical era of Indian are in this state. Those are the Kailasanatha temple at Ellora and the Elephanta cave temple which is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. This state of India offers a variety of well known places of pilgrimage. There are eight Ashta Vinayak shrines, three of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines in India, two of the Shakti Peethas and at Pandharpur the honored Vitthala shrine.

Muktidham Temple

Maharashtra is prosperous not only because it is commercial capital of India but also because it has a rich tradition of art and culture. Maharashtra is one of the India states which acquire a plethora of temples. Due to their historical and religious significance the Maharashtra temples are the major attractions and a large number of tourists and devotees visit the temples through out the year. There are several temples in Maharashtra which get in a huge crowd. Temples of Maharashtra represent the spiritual awareness of the people of the land and it also depicts its affluent tradition of temple architecture.